How to handle a flood of new customers

Before you begin your next SparkEngage Referral Campaign make sure you have prepared your business for the flood of new customers wanting to redeem your deal.

When you begin preparing you need to speak with your staff so they understand how to take redemption emails or use the customers phone to redeem the deal. This is all so you can give credit to the person that sent them. Also, make sure your staff understands the deal restrictions. The last thing you want is someone to take advantage of your business.

We have heard stories of business owners that resent the new flood of customers wanting to redeem a deal. Keep in mind you may lose money on the first deal but your goal is to rope these new customers in so they become your customer for life. If you wow these customers with top notch experience it will pay out ten-fold in the long run.

Finally, when customers come in that are redeeming a reward — meaning they sent someone to your business. You need to also give them the best service possible so they continue being cheerleaders for your business with their friends.

Remember the overall goal is to impress these new customers so much that they want to keep coming back.

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How do I know if my referral campaigns are working?

You will know whether your referral campaigns are taking off by simply looking at your dashboard. In some cases it will take you re-thinking your campaign and adding in targeted words that energize your audience. You could try using more actionable words like “Get this” or “Free” since those words tend to get peoples attention. You want to avoid vague offers headlines that don’t tell the audience whats in it for them.

Social referral campaigns are all about experimentation. Try out a campaign and view the results after a week. If you are not pleased with it don’t throw in the towel. Just run another campaign with a different headline and even description and see if your audience reacts to it.


How many campaigns should I run on SparkEngage?

SparkEngage is a great referral service that gets results but there is a chance of something called ‘referral fatigue’. You want referral campaigns to feel special. If you are running new campaigns each week then there is a chance you will lose that special feeling. If your audience is in the 2,000+ range then the chance of this happening is much smaller compared to an audience of 200.

If you are just starting to use SparkEngage and have a small audience then I would suggest starting small. Create a unique campaign and run that for the whole month and measure your results.

Keep in mind that SparkEngage is a tool that should be a part of your overall marketing toolbox.

Great Incentives Get Great Attention

A common question we get from a lot of our customers is what type of rewards they should offer their customers. This really depends because each business is unique and has different expectations. If you are new to the deal space then I would stay conservative. However, keep in mind that incentives are what drive engagement when it comes to the deal space. In some cases you don’t want to offer a break-the-bank incentive so a trick we sometimes see is that the business highlights the perceived value of their incentive. The deal won’t break their bank but customers for the business will feel the perceived value is high and want to engage.

When it comes to SparkEngage and the way our software works. You create a reward (incentive) for your customers that you are willing to give them if they share a great offer with their social circles. We take a two prong approach with a reward being a really great deal like something completely free then you have the offer portion which is usually something pretty decent like a percentage off your service.

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